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Hiking might be for you!

It was Saturday when my friend and I finally decided to ditch the city and go up to Puncak Tanawan to just pause for a while and get some fresh air. Hiking is one of the things I’m not used to doing. It’s part of just trying out different things, but when I had the chance to do it until now I could say, I want to do it all over again. It was so much fun especially if you’re someone constantly looking for connection to something greater. So let’s start with where this place is. Located in Sibulan, Negros Oriental – I asked some of the locals, and they informed us that it just opened January of this year.

There are two ways you can arrive at the starting point which is the place where you will have to register your name on a logbook. It will take about 10-15 minutes ride going to the starting point.

  1. If you’re not from Negros, it’s best to take a cab going to Sibulan proper. You’ll then find “habal-habal” drivers in front of the Birdie’s bakeshop. These drivers will know you’re going to Puncak especially if you’re wearing hiking clothes. The motorcycle will fit three people for P100.00, so that means P33.33 each. If you’re only two, some will give a discount of P90, so that means P45.00 each.
  2. Another route is going directly to the crossing of “Barangay Balugo.” There are also Habal-habal drivers waiting for you. I don’t know how much it costs though because we opt for the first one but I think it will not cause much difference.

We arrived at the starting point not expecting a lot of people but guess what? It was Sunday morning at 7:00 am, and there are tons of hikers already there registering. Wow!


The Hike starts!

These are motorcycles from people who opt to drive their own from the crossing


We met some bikers too!


Rough road? Haha Nah!



There are stops and simple stalls along the way. Some cannot go through to the top hiking alone so you can always have the choice to take a paid motorcycle going up. Keep going until you arrive at this place where you will have to pay P20.00 if you want to have some lovely photos. I hear people say it looks like “Lapresa” in Baguio. Haha!


When you arrive here, it will only take about 15 minutes until the top so keep going!

We also met some local kids, and they were very friendly.

We also met hikers and took pictures with them too! It was such a great experience!

Finally! The top view 🙂

Again, I have to say that I didn’t expect the place to be so crowded. It was Sunday, so it might be better to go on a hike during weekdays. Here, there is an entrance fee of P20 each.


You can see other islands on top and the whole of Dumaguete and nearby towns when you’re on top of Puncak Tanawan.

There’s a stall for people who are only staying for the day, so you don’t have to bring food with you. The food is just affordable. Choices are the usual: Pancit Canton, boiled egg, cup noodles, lumpia and there are also soft drinks available.

Our lunch :))


We took photos after lunch and discovered the space. Some stayed there for an overnight, and the fee is P50.00 for camping. We just visited during the day, so I don’t have pictures how it’s like during night time. Sorry, :O Going down was way easier. It was just about 20-30 minutes maybe. The road is not that bumpy, but it’s a little bit hard because it’s going up and up. The total budget was just around P180.00 to Puncak Tanawan and the price was fantastic. There you go guys, thank you for reading. If you have questions, comment below 🙂



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  1. Helmuth

    I saw that camping was available at the top. Are reservations required for camping..? Is the camping sites crowded together since space must be limited..? Are open campfires permitted at the campsite..? Temps must be cooler at the top than down in the city..?

    26 . Oct . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Helmuth,

      Some people do reservations, some don’t. It’s actually a big land so there is a big chance to have space up there. Im not sure now but the last time I went there, anyone can camp anywhere they like except ofcourse for those areas that are far and narrow. Yes, it’s cooler up there too!

      07 . Nov . 2017
      • Helmuth

        Is this spot considered to be a park with an admission fee..? What is the nightly charge for camping..? Do they charge a flat fee per tent or per person..?

        07 . Nov . 2017
        • shennamariz

          Hi Helmuth,

          It’s not considered a park as what I’ve known. Im sorry but I have no idea of the nightly charge they have for for camping but what I know is that they have a charge per tent not per person. The per person is the admission fee. :))

          10 . Nov . 2017
  2. Jisa Rodriguez

    Hi Mia! Can you bring a four wheeled vehicle to the starting point? Or only motorcycles and habal-habal? And how long was the hike? Thanks!

    18 . Mar . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Jisa! I think you were referring to me and not Mia? 🙂 Yes, you can bring a four wheeled vehicle to the starting point. We saw some who drove their own motorcycles. Mostly scooters. When we went there, we paid for a habal-habal.

      I remembered it took about 2 hours to hike from the starting point to the top but it was because we often paused to rest but if you do hiking a lot, it will just take you about an hour. 🙂

      18 . Mar . 2017
  3. Airies

    Would you advise to bring kids to the place? Thanks 😁

    14 . Mar . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Yes it’s safe as long as there are a couple of adults with them. 😁

      14 . Mar . 2017
  4. Mia

    Nice photos. Would like to try to go there someday. Is it better during dawn or early morning?

    10 . Mar . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi, Mia. Thank you! It’s better during the early morning if you don’t want to get a sunburn but if you love the outdoors, best is 9am-12 noon.

      10 . Mar . 2017

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