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The Ruins has probably one of the richest histories in the Visayan region in the Philippines. Located in Talisay, Negros Occidental. Remember Negros Occidental, not Negros Oriental. Many people regard them as the same especially from people outside of the place.

This place is famous for its story and its historical architecture. The story has told that this was built for love and destroyed because of war. A curious scenario of the past which people have been dying to understand.

How to get to the Ruins?

If you are traveling to Negros Occidental, you may want to drop by The Ruins. When we went there, we used a private vehicle. Frankly speaking, it’s not that easy to get a ride going there. Believe me, it will also be hard to use public transport to leave the area. But if you don’t have a choice, use the public transport, this might help:

From the Airport: Take a shuttle going to Bacolod and then grab a taxi to take you to the Ruins or go directly to The Ruins from the airport.

Private vehicle: We were from Byron’s Backrib Homesite Bacolod, just go straight through Circumferential Road, straight to Bacolod Airport Access Road, turn left next to the Carlos Hilado Highway Road, go straight and then you arrive there.

From Bacolod City: take a jeepney to BATA and drop off Robinsons Mall. Walk straight to Go hotel and take a shuttle going to the crossing of the Ruins.

Entrance Fees:

Adults: Php95.00

Students and Senior Citizens:  Php40.00

Children below 8 years old: Php20.00

This might have changed since we visited this place last August 2016. 🙂


A little bit of facts and history of The Ruins

The mansion stands about 903 square meters according to its local government. Surrounded by plantation, everything you see are trees and grasses. Built in 1900’s by one of the richest men in the place, if not the richest. In modern day, he’s called Haciendero. At that time, his pieces of furniture were truly a gem that came from Europe and other parts of Asia.

The mansion was burnt during the World War II by the United States Armed Forces in the Far East to protect the people from the Japanese forces using the area as their secret place to hide. It has been said that it took days to bring the fire down as the structure was made of quality concrete and hardwood.


The place 🙂

The Ruins
Inside the Ruins. Those brick walls are just lovely for a background. HAHA


Inside the mansion. Empty but still beautiful!



Outside of the mansion, a lovely manmade waterfall, and green grass 🙂



Photos of the past from the people who lived in this Ruins Credits to Jessica Lake Tocol


Credits to my friend Jessica Lake Tocol
The famous spot inside the Mansion. Credits to my friend Jessica Lake Tocol
The lovely couple right here!!
Credits to my friend Jessica Lake Tocol




Credits to my friend Jessica Tocol


If you want to take souvenirs with you, they have it inside the Mansion. Mostly handcrafted materials and Filipino made crafts that represent The Ruins and Negros Occidental.

A day trip to the ruins




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  1. Kim

    Wow! The mansion looks so eerie but beautiful at the same time!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    20 . Apr . 2017

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