by shennamariz-

So you have landed on this page because you are curious

of freelancing or maybe because you don’t

particularly like your 9-5 job and are seeking

for ways to have more freedom with your time.


Or you are looking to get an additional income aside

from your current work because of a low paying job that has little room for growth.

Disclosure: I have been in the freelance world (Upwork and outside) for about 3 years now and

I’ve seen the worst and the best of employers online.

Most were short term but quite a few long term working relationship.

I am writing this blog post to let you have an idea of how amazing it is to be

a part of the freelancing community and why you should start too!

Now I know that most of us are also working full time and perhaps freelancing on the side is a total eater of time. That’s what I thought three years ago when I started. I kept asking how could I manage my time considering hat working in the healthcare industry is stressful enough! But I jumped at the opportunity and thought less of how it could work.


Freelancing is very vague. Talk about collaborating as a fashion designer, web designer, virtual assistant, customer service representative, transcriptionist and even as a freelance photographer. I started in Upwork with little to no experience, and the only thing I could do is write and type information from one unto the other. So when I have to decide what services I could offer, I just placed “virtual assistant and “writer.” LOL! I can’t even remember why I chose those titles.

Freelancing’s hard, but there are tons of benefits you can reap afterward you maximize your skills.

Remember I only wrote the two descriptions above beside my name, however, I eventually learned specific skills as most of my employers taught me how to work within their desired outcome. I enjoyed while I was learning because I never could have imagined these different tasks do exist. Here are some and one of the best.

1. Freelancing offers opportunities to learn how business transactions work online.

One of the most exciting things I am learning online is how business transactions work on floating air and how selected products are profitable online until today. I learned how to communicate with different personalities and nationalities involved in the business. It gave me an idea of where and how to find suppliers for a profitable product and how to sustain a starting business.

Most of these online companies came from a platform called Amazon. Now when a freelancer has the background of how these things work, it’s up to him or her to research on the rest and may even end up being one of the sellers on Amazon. It takes a lot of researching and testing for these stuff since it’s business. Yes, we risk, but we intelligently risk to maintain business online.

2. Freelancing offers opportunities to understand the blogging and publishing industry.

While I was still starting out, I offered a writing service to Upwork and its clients. I charged them a minimal amount until I progressed and worked with someone who had a publishing business and a blogger at the same time. (This I cannot disclose).

Moreover, as the weeks and months passed, I got the chance to learn how to set up a blog, run it, and maintain it. One of the first aid behind the launch of this blog. I had enough information and skill to actually start one, so I jumped again, and I am here right now giving this a try.

The only responsibility left for me here is how to increase traffic and how to maintain the blog. Do you have any suggestions on these? I’d be glad to hear from you.

3. Freelancing offers opportunities to learn basic graphic design skills

The majority of the clients online are already busy with their daily activities, and they search for people around the globe to keep track of their demands. Most of them require experience in these kinds of tasks, but I was lucky to have landed a contract that accepted no experience at all as long as I have the commitment to learn.

It is very basic, and once you familiarize yourself with designing simple graphics with texts online, there’s a high percentage of becoming an expert at it. Who knows this might be your passion.

4. Last – opportunity to be a virtual alarm clock! (haha)

This was like the weirdest job that I took over a year ago while I was doing nothing and waited for a call from an institution that I applied. I didn’t know why I accepted it at first, maybe because it was fun and weird in a way, so I tried it out.

My task for two months was to wake my client and remind him to go to sleep at a particular time when he was overlooking the time he spent on working with his business. This was a constant battle between waking myself up and getting a hold of him due to the timezone of the Philippines and the U.S and because of this, I was paid well.

My client needed a reminder and also a motivator so when things get too hectic, unproductive, or low, I motivate him to get up. (by the way, this was also part of my responsibilities).



Crazy as it seems all of those I mentioned above didn’t felt like hard work for me. Number one reason was curiosity and the interest of how things work. You may or may not want to try this but I tell you, this was absolutely one of the greatest things I was exposed in. In this community, we are certainly making and changing decisions and that allows us to learn.


It is also important to say no to jobs which don’t interest you in a way because it will all be useless. Find your comfort and interest and it will lead you to the right door. I hope I’m giving you an idea of how freelance works and enlighten you to try it out πŸ™‚

How about you? Have you tried working as a freelancer?

What were your experiences? Share with me in the comment section below πŸ™‚


20-something blogger and nurse. When not working as both, I search for the meaning of life πŸ™‚


  1. borhunuddin

    Making money online used to be difficult. Today, with the right business idea and enough skills, you can too can learn how to make money online
    The last one was weird and funny! But, hey, if s/he pays you well why not, right? Haha! Glad to hear that freelancing worked for you. I’ve tried Upwork for quite some time now but haven’t had a long term work yet. Hopefully soon! πŸ™‚

    It was nice stumbling upon your blog. Followed you on Bloglovin’ πŸ™‚

    11 . Sep . 2017
  2. Susie

    I haven’t done freelancing before, but you’re making it sound really good! I should look into this more – thanks so much for sharing it!!

    06 . May . 2017
  3. Kelly Jessica

    The virtual alarm clock! I love! Hahaha. I want to try that one day, lol.

    I’ve always thought about freelancing on the side, but most of the time, I tend to neglect my blog. Haha. I need to fix myself first before I try and do freelancing! But keeping this blog post in mind for future references!


    06 . May . 2017
  4. Karen

    I tried signing up in Upwork, but I didn’t get the chance to get a job! But I haven’t tried putting another description; I still put there what I usually do at my 9-5 job. I’ve been thinking of freelancing aside from my 9-5 job.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about being a virtual assistant. Honestly, it is quite interesting so I’m going to try that! For now, I can’t afford quitting my job.

    This is so helpful, Shenna! Thanks for sharing! 😊

    15 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Karen, glad to know my blog post has helped you! πŸ™‚ Yeah, you should definitely try to like write a description that is appealing to clients like how fast can you type, you can also write that you’re a blogger, it is a big big plus. I have landed jobs more because of the blog, because they will have to see how well you write, and that really helped me earn extra income. :))

      Try to just apply and send proposals :))

      18 . Apr . 2017
  5. Eena

    Oooh, I love this Shen! I currently work two jobs (life of a nurse, hahaha) and I’ve always wanted to do some freelance work on the side to make extra money for spending. Will definitely look into this, thanks!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

    15 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Really? Yeah, I’m a nurse too. What kind of job do you do aside from being a nurse? πŸ™‚ Freelancing is really great especially when you land on a project that suits you and your skills. It wouldn’t feel like work at all.

      18 . Apr . 2017
  6. Miera

    The last one was weird and funny! But, hey, if s/he pays you well why not, right? Haha! Glad to hear that freelancing worked for you. I’ve tried Upwork for quite some time now but haven’t had a long term work yet. Hopefully soon! πŸ™‚

    It was nice stumbling upon your blog. Followed you on Bloglovin’ πŸ™‚

    Little Miss Miera

    15 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Miera!! πŸ™‚ Absolutely, the last one was def one of the things I never expected to work on. lol. It really worked for me but I waited on this for months and years so just continue what you’re doing on Upwork and you’ll be fine and who knows, you’ll find something you’d really be passionate about. Followed back on Bloglovin too :)))

      18 . Apr . 2017
  7. Annie

    Great post! I’ve always had a full-time job and supplemented it time to time with freelance. Gotta keep up that side hustle!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

    14 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Absolutely true Annie! Hustling every single day πŸ™‚ haha.

      15 . Apr . 2017
  8. Anne

    That last one was indeed unique! A little quirky but yes unique. I’ve been in the freelancing industry for 4 years now as well but I’ve navigated mostly through referrals. I have got to try Upwork yet. I’m happy to hear it has worked for you. πŸ™‚

    12 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Anne! Really?? So you mean outside and what kind of jobs do you take? I always had my work through Upwork and work myself out after decision of both parties.

      13 . Apr . 2017
  9. Shelise Saddul

    This was an interesting post! I’ve read things bout freelancing and although would love to try it one day I’ve not taken that step yet, I work in marketing so I do like my job but I would like to get to know more about the possibility of free lancing x


    11 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Shelise!! Thanks for stopping by. It does need a little bit of interest for people to get into freelancing πŸ™‚ No rush, you can always pick when you would want to indulge into this field . I do hope you’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚

      13 . Apr . 2017
  10. Elisa

    Thank you for this interesting post!
    I’d like to work for myself, I’m working 8 hours in an office everyday now and I blog on my free time. Unluckily, in Italy law is so complicated and working freelance is not as easy as it should be. Dreaming about working for myself, one day!
    Congrats to you that made it your job!
    xx Elisa

    10 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Elisa! You’re welcome. Really? I never heard of any country that would take freelancing complicated. Hmmm. Maybe you can think about building a business, and you can have your own free time. Your own boss πŸ™‚ A lot of people want that including myself. I am also working an 8-hour shift same as you, nothing is impossible. I believe individuals just need the right resources to leave the corporate job and start earning as a freelancer or handle businesses online.

      10 . Apr . 2017
  11. Da Dominguez

    Wow, this is very interesting! Especially the last part. Haha. That’s pretty cool. Somewhere in the near future, I want to leave the corporate job and be a freelancer (hoping it would be enough to pay for the bills) or have my own business. Or maybe do both. I’ve heard about Upwork before, but I haven’t gotten into trying it out. Maybe I’ll start with something small. But thanks for sharing your experiences, Shenna!

    10 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hey Da! Yes, I get a lot of people actually asking me about the last part. This was so real and yea kind of cool actually. I think you can do both until you can leave that 9-5 job once you are sure of your earnings πŸ™‚ I really suggest you try it out. It is surely hard at first, and it will take time, but you write very well. You can quickly land a project πŸ™‚

      10 . Apr . 2017
  12. Dianne Karol

    Thanks for sharing this! Freelancing can really be amazing. I tried doing online jobs when I was still in college. I stopped because my college life became very hectic that I needed to gave up freelancing. Upwork was still called odesk back then,. The pay was good considering that I only do very simple tasks. I still hope to get myself into a part-time freelancing while still keeping my 9-5 job.

    The 4th one is funny yet very interesting! I didn’t know such task actually exists! haha! I don’t mind being a virtual alarm clock!

    10 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      I feel you, Dianne! I also started applying when I was in college trying to get enough bucks for me to spend on food, clothes, and travel without asking from parents. Lol! But same as you, I never had enough time. You can still do it, you can still apply on Upwork. There are a lot of really kind and appreciative clients out there who can influence you soo much with what they do.

      Yeaaa, the 4th one! I was literally smiling while I wrote that one. Funny work but still a creative way to earn haha!

      10 . Apr . 2017
  13. Xeph Hipolito

    Hi Shenna! Thank you for sharing this with us! Can you give us some tips on how we can be as successful as you in this industry? I am thinking of being a freelancer myself but I can’t quite know how to start and maintain it. Thank you in advance!

    09 . Apr . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Hi Xeph, I’m glad that you have stumbled on this blog post. Hmm about the tips, because I was starting out with little to no experience, I sent proposals every day to jobs that interest me. Also to jobs that clearly stated that they could train you on the projects, and the only advantage on my end was that I was willing to learn and to give ample time studying how they want me to work. This, I think, could land you a job, just let them know that you are willing. I tell you, I waited for a month to actually have my first online project in Upwork. Since the platform is too saturated and there are hundreds of top freelancers, it is very hard to compete, I only charge them $3/hour at first and eventually increased it. Some clients would prefer those who are starting out (entry level) because they are also on a budget but this can be a good start for you.

      Hope this helps,

      10 . Apr . 2017

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