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Bravo Golf Hotel Resort and Spa Review

by shennamariz-

Hey, Everyone! Today I am going to write a review about Bravo Gold Hotel Resort and Spa. In the past few weeks, I have been really busy with work requirements and also paused to relax and travel. I am taking advantage of summer!

In Negros Oriental, two resorts are owned by Bravo Resorts: Bravo Resort Munting Paraiso in Dauin and Bravo Golf Hotel Resort and Spa in Sibulan. The review will be about the latter.

The resort can be used by everyone during the day for only P600.00 inclusion of lunch and use of the pool. We went there at around 9:00 AM, and we almost got the resort to ourselves. There were only a very few people.


We used our own private bike since it is just minutes away from our place. If you’re coming from other provinces or other towns, you can go ahead to Sibulan Public Market and ask the habithabal drivers to drive you to the resort. It is a little bit uphill, but when you’re going up, it’s on the right side, and the signs are clear in front of the resort.

What I love about the resort is it’s secluded and very peaceful. Most of the guests are staying in their own rooms which would cost a minimum of Php10,000. So if you’re in just for the day, there aren’t really a lot of people.


Bravo Resorts hotel rooms



POOLSIDE – Bravo Golf Hotel Resort

I love how their pool is huge enough for guests. There are 3 swimming pools. 2 big pools and 1 for kids which can also be suitable for adults and mostly moms or guardians.

Also, at that time, we were the only one who went swimming at the pool, but they actually took care of the cleanliness. I can assure you it is spotless. It is also very, very blue!

Bravo Resorts


The Place – Bravo Golf Hotel Resort

Overall, the resort is spacious and surrounded by art. Frames, architectural designs, ceilings, and walls are designed creatively which I love! They also have conference rooms for big groups looking to have their retreat or seminars. They have 2 big rooms for this 🙂

There’s so much more to this place, I will break it down to photos so you can have a virtual feel of the site.

My friend loved this site of the resort.




Meal included in Php600.00 entrance fee with use of pool

Each person will have a free meal they can choose from their menu. It includes one bowl of soup and one dessert. We just shared 1 pizza which was I think 11″ and one meal. It really is enough for two, and I can say the pizza was good if you’re into Italian meals.


View from the top :))) Negros Oriental nature it is!


The staff is also accommodating and very polite. This is definitely worth the money if you crave for a peaceful place. :))


I hope you would find the resort lovely as I did!. I enjoyed my stay and hoping you will too. 🙂


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  1. Lewill John Ciudad Tagapan

    Do you have the contact no? Thanks!

    07 . Nov . 2017
  2. Lewill John Ciudad Tagapan

    Contact No.??

    07 . Nov . 2017
  3. Elisha

    What wait? Bravo Golf and Spa? Waaaah! That’s my hometown! Oh my! OO nga! Ganda talaga ng resort na yan at overlooking pa! Worth it naman talaga ^^

    Elisha |

    11 . Jun . 2017
  4. Teesh

    Oh my, that’s an expensive room but this resort looks so nice!

    27 . May . 2017
  5. Wandering Ella

    This is my type of resort! Yung hindi masyadong maraming tao! A place where you can ACTUALLY relax! I’ll note this resort for future reference kung sakaling pupunta ako sa Negros!

    19 . May . 2017
  6. Batsheva

    Oh man, I wanna pay p600.00 and go swim in a pool right now! I haven’t swam in anything in a year!! I have a pool back in my parents apartment in LA, but I don’t live there any more, so no more pool 🙁
    This resort looks amazing! and so smart of them to gain extra business by letting non-guests take advantage of the pool and meals as well. I love that photo of you floating in the water 😉

    18 . May . 2017
  7. Lou

    Yes, I can see it from the photo how clean their facilities are, esp the pool. Plus, the pool is huge so it wouldn’t be a hassle if there were a lot of people around the area. Nice photos, by the way! 🙂

    12 . May . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Thanks Lou! Yes, true! Sige jud nila gi limpyo ni and that is a huge PLUS!

      15 . May . 2017

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