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by shennamariz-

A lot of you have known Airbnb for a while now, but to those who haven’t heard or have heard but have not had any Airbnb experience, this is for you. Sign up using my link here to gain Php1100.00 or $20 on your first booking 🙂

You can also download the app of Airbnb. It’s much more convenient.

My friends and I planned a trip to Cebu for 2 nights but we were over with hotels and inns, we decided to go for Airbnb. So, for the new readers, Airbnb is a hospitality service which allows travelers to rent a space from someone who has lived in a particular place for quite some time. This is usually either a condominium unit, vacation rentals, hotel rooms that they own, and even their own homes.

It is a trusted service with listings that include homes and also activities that locals have to offer (if you are planning to visit any country, this is very useful and exciting).


This depends on the country you are staying. I am currently in the Philippines, so the only mode of payment is either a debit or credit card with a visa or MasterCard stamp. I usually use Paypal in most of my payments online but in the Philippines, it is not available, so I was forced to use my credit card.


We booked for two hosts: One in Lapu Lapu and one near I.T Park. Don’t worry, I’ll provide the links to their listings. Overall, we enjoyed the stay.

Our first stay is in this listing. Ma’am Antonette is the host. She’s a super host in Airbnb, so that means, this is really trusted. Located 3 minutes away from Mactan Airport. The unit is inside Azon Residences. A lovely and relaxing stay with a Scape Skydeck, restaurant on the roof deck, and a pool.

Roof deck of Azon Residences


The cost for the overnight stay is Php1466.00. Remember that this is good for 3 people, so it’s just about Php500.00 per person.

The host can provide breakfast for guests for a price of Php99.00. Otherwise, there are shops and restaurants nearby (and on the roof deck) and also a convenience store right next to this building.


The second Airbnb experience is my favorite. The location of the unit is accessible to public transportation and near to shopping malls. Host was responsive and accommodating, and the room was freezing because the unit is new inside Avenir Residences in Lapu-Lapu.

Listing is here.

What I really like here is the minimalist style of the design of the room, and the amenities were also great!. Fast Internet connection (this is very important to me). The host also allowed us to check in at an earlier hour. It was vacant anyway, so we checked in at 1:00 PM instead of his rule of 3:00 PM time.

Php1500.00 good for 4 guests.

This is very affordable for families and group of friends.

Tips on using Airbnb

  • Price lists are based on available dates and on how many times you have viewed the listing (so clear cache if you have viewed it many times)
  • Please clean the rooms after staying. These aren’t hotels, these rooms/apartments are owned by people who want to share their homes with you for a price.
  • Take care of the things inside the unit.
  • Book in advance
  • Contact the host before booking any listing.
  • Ask the host if they can provide bath towels good for everyone. Lucky I brought one because the second host only provided two bath towels 🙂
  • Bring own drinking water.


Most of my travels are recorded on IG stories so if you are interested, just follow me on my IG account @shennasmec or just click the “FOLLOW ME” on the footer of this blog.

Again, if you haven’t signed up for Airbnb yet, use my link here and get Php1100.00 or $20 credit on your first booking!! I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


20-something blogger and nurse. When not working as both, I search for the meaning of life 🙂


  1. Kai

    I live in Azon Residences hahaha glad you enjoyed your stay in Cebu! 🙂 I would love to read all your reviews on your Cebu trip xx


    15 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Oh really?? We should have been eating pizza in scapeskydeck :)) haha

      16 . Aug . 2017
  2. Lovely

    Bookmark-ing all your Cebu trips post for future purposes. Haha. I plan to go to Cebu one of these days! xo

    15 . Aug . 2017
  3. Gale

    Your blog is awesome! Really helpful for readers. In this regard, i would like to nominate you for a liebster award. Here’s the link for further details.

    15 . Aug . 2017
  4. Madison

    I can’t believe I’ve never stayed in an Airbnb! Both places looked really cool – I loved the pool and rooftop deck at the first one! I’m definitely looking into Airbnbs the next time I travel.

    14 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      I also can’t believe that I just did a few days ago! haha, I should have done it earlier lol. Make sure you’ll sign up with my link so you can get a discount Madison 🙂

      14 . Aug . 2017
  5. Xeph Hipolito

    If I had known this before I booked a hotel for my weekend getaway, I could have saved a lot. Thanks, Shenna, for sharing this. I’ll consider this on my next trip.

    Xeph |

    13 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      You are welcome Xeph! 🙂 Make sure you use my link so you can get Php1100 off on your first trip 🙂

      14 . Aug . 2017
  6. Teesh

    I enjoy going through airbnb listings on random places even when I have no plans going to that specific place yet. It’s so much fun saving airbnb listings on different wishlists lol

    12 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      It’s true Teesh! I even look up for places outside the country and wish I could just book a stay whenever I like haha. Also, activities are damn amazing in Airbnb.

      12 . Aug . 2017
  7. Lyka

    Wow! The room looks incredible for its price. Will definitely sign up with your link in case I need an Airbnb accommodation in the future.

    Lyka Chiang

    11 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Thank you Lyka! I will appreciate it if you do 🙂

      11 . Aug . 2017
  8. Kim

    I love using Airbnb! It feels more homey than a hotel would, plus it’s cheaper. Glad you had a great experience!

    Simply Lovebirds

    09 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Indeed!. Airbnb is like immersing into someone’s culture, art, and just about everything. Hotels are nice but sometimes too expensive haha

      09 . Aug . 2017
  9. Rachel

    those places look really nice and beautiful. 🙂 Glad you got to try out airbnb!


    08 . Aug . 2017
  10. Violette

    Such a cute! I looks so nice and hope you had a great time there!

    08 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Thank you Violette. I really did 🙂

      09 . Aug . 2017
  11. Miera

    The rooms you got looks like a steal! 🙂 Airbnb really is the way to go especially if you’re a group.

    Little Miss Miera

    08 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      Thank you Miera!. Yes we totally saved cash haha

      08 . Aug . 2017
  12. Eena

    These Airbnbs are so beautiful! i’m glad you were able to have amazing super hosts for your first rodeo with booking through this company. I tried Airbnb for the first time this year too, and I absolutely love it.

    cabin twenty-four

    08 . Aug . 2017
    • shennamariz

      It is! I was glad I had the chance to avail her listing because she was always booked. Lucky me!. I love Airbnbs – just so affordable and we get to experience other people’s homes too.

      08 . Aug . 2017

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