by shennamariz-

I’m sitting here in this half empty cafe surrounded by strangers imagining what life could be ahead of me.

It’s 10:00 in the evening and I am looking forward of what my 24-year old body and spirit could lead me. Waiting for an opportunity, waiting for an answer, and probably stuck my head on the pillow imagining the future. It is a pain, an opportunity for learning, a rough road, close to having and forgetting trust.

Are you waiting for something that could re-shape your life? Are you also hoping for the longest time for a prayer to be answered?

Well, this was me almost two years ago and still is me today. Patience was never a close friend of mine. I am always looking for answers and impatiently and impulsively doing things without thinking or planning. This was a tough road learning, but I want to share with you what I learned about PATIENCE.


  1. We have our own hourglass
    • Perhaps you might have seen a text or a message elsewhere that says, “We all have our time.” I never really understood what this meant when I did nothing but worked. Soon, I realized that life folds for happiness, love, and success in its own perfect timing. The beauty is that we don’t exactly know this “timing” that we all talk about, so we wait. And while we wait, we work ourselves out doing all the self-improvement, work-improvement, and generally life-improvement.
  2. It takes years to be friends with patience
    • Will you agree? Observe how you live your everyday life in this fast-paced society. I did, and I knew it takes forever to get to be closer with patience. From waiting on public transport to waiting minutes and hours to get to your destination due to traffic delays, and to always want to connect to a faster internet connection.
    • To services that we want to be rushed, to food and drinks that are instant. How about wanting to get monetary resources in days because of food or shopping cravings. See how do we learn patience if we always move fast? It takes a while to understand but waiting will teach us just that.
  3. Patience is one of the best values I’ve learned that will impact self-growth.
    • I was driving on a highway when I was 20 years old about to graduate thinking how would my life be 5 years ahead. Now I’m almost turning 24, and still, this question keeps popping randomly in my mind. The thing is I still have yet to figure this out, but I am gradually able to understand what I want. The entire years I spent focusing on work and self-improvement – never did I thought was “patience” itself. I just kept going and mastering my journey. It was fun, and as I turned back, I changed a lot as well as the perspectives I have in life.
  4. I realized I am at peace with my journey if I just learn to be patient.
    • Nothing is worse than being anxious about nothing. Trust is key. We all know that waiting is hard, but we can’t do anything about it. It’s something we can’t control. It’s something we wish we can control. Anxiety is one thing that I’ve been able to learn to deal with too. I was always this sometimes aggressive girl having no tiny spot of patience. If something does not turn out right, I then become anxious. Then, I came to a conclusion that when we allow ourselves and our concerns to turn into worry – such thoughts are unproductive.
    • Trying to change our future instead of doing our best in every present situation will lead us into an uncomfortable situation. These ideas and useless emotions eventually end up controlling us and destroying our responsibilities and relationships in the present.
  5.  Waiting taught me how to be creative with my time.
    • I indulged myself in things that are new to me and developed a sense of creativity. While waiting patiently, I tried various things that will eat my time and distract me from waiting. So this blog was born, and photography is still something I’m learning. I also met YOGA and got very excited about it. It was healthy in every way – much more than recovering and helping your physical being but the whole of you. Look at what waiting had done. If it weren’t for waiting, I wouldn’t have exposed myself to those things.


I am grateful and thankful for the lessons on waiting. I read books and more books about womanhood, finances, religious and spiritual growth, and spent more time building and keeping relationships with family and friends. This journey taught me a lot, and now this is being productive. Now if I may ask, are we on the same road now? If so, got any plans to do something exciting in life than just waiting around uninspired and unmotivated? Learn to thrive. Learn to also wait. Enjoy life with patience. Trust your journey. Listen to God, our Savior, and He will help YOU make it!

Lessons on waiting

All the Love,

Shenna Mariz Cadiente

Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

Photo by Sofia Sforza on Unsplash




  1. Susie Ray

    This is absolutely beautiful! “I am at peace with my journey if I just learn to be patient” – I feel this I have had to learn this too and it is so important, trusting is so essential too. You are so right! I totally agree with all of this whole heartedly! Beautiful post xx

    20 . Sep . 2017
  2. Kim

    Patience is definitely one of the traits that I wish I had! Life would be way more peaceful.
    Simply Lovebirds

    15 . Sep . 2017

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