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Shen on the Blog is a blog written solely by Shenna Mariz Cadiente, a 20-something blogger currently residing in the Philippines. Shenna is a registered nurse by profession and a secret agent that works with entrepreneurs in the biggest business platform (Amazon). She started partnering with her colleague to start a small fashion business online in about 2013-2015 and now learning to grow more about how online biz are doing with a mentor.

Because of the people she worked with who owned online businesses and blogs, she was exposed to blogging and got interested more and more, then finally decided to launch this blog. This is her platform to share her inspiration, travels, and unique experiences which started just early on 2017.

Basically, this is a life + travel blog that wishes to expand more into food and fashion. This blog is passionate to convey and communicate to the readers about travel and life in general.

The writer is a motivator that firmly believes in faith, perseverance, and positivity!

Thank you for dropping by!! 🙂

—————Shenna Mariz E. Cadiente——————-

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